20' x 40' Tarps

Tarps have an infinite number of useful purposes for residential and commercial projects. Getting the right size and thickness is essential for your needs for a specific project or use. Canopies and Tarps offers a range of thicknesses and colors of 20' x 40' size tarps, from regular-duty blue to heavy-duty tarps in colors that might match the surroundings or stand out for a safety alert due to your needs. You can also find mesh and clear tarps for uses where filtered light is desired.

Specifications and Applications of 20' x 40' Tarps

The 20' x 40' is the cut size while the finished side of each tarp is 19'6" x 39'6". This size offers ample coverage for a number of uses such as covering a roof or worksite, protecting a car or camper, sheltering equipment or covering a garden bed. Reinforced eyelets make it easy to tie down and secure tarps, and even attach tarps to structures or poles to create a shelter to set up workspace or a campsite.

Specifications and Applications of 20' x 40' Tarps

Tarps are indispensable at home or on any worksite. Even with the size and thickness, tarps can be folded and taken to a new location for more use. Choose a color that stands out or matches a company logo for a construction project, or opt for brown or green to blend better into the surroundings to make covering a roof or worksite more discreet. Clear and mesh tarps make great shelters to shield worksites from direct sunlight and sun exposure. Choose the best tarp material based on your specific needs.