Fire Retardant Poly Tarps

Count on a fire-retardant tarp from Canopies and Tarps to offer extra protection against fire hazards.

Property owners in parts of the Pacific Coast know all about the hazards of forest fires; we've seen plenty of coverage over the last few years of how fires have spread. But the reality is that a fire can happen anywhere. With more extreme weather, stronger winds and drought conditions becoming more common, any place in the country can quickly become a tinder box.

Our fire-retardant tarp options equip you for protecting your valuable goods and help keep them from further spreading the flames. These tarps are a great choice for a variety of situations, including:

  • Camping, especially in areas where you will build a fire for cooking or warmth.
  • Construction or industrial sites where hazardous chemicals or substances can be found.
  • General use during red flag conditions or when performing a controlled burn.

More than just a canvas tarp, our fire-retardant tarp options give you plenty of variety and flexibility for your needs.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

When storing and transporting your valuable goods, it is important to keep safety in mind. Investing in quality protective gear will ensure you do not waste time and money replacing goods as a result of emergency situations like inclement weather, flooding and fire. Emergencies are unavoidable, so it is important to plan for every worst-case scenario.

To keep you and your goods safe, consider Canopies and Tarps' fire-retardant tarps. Weighing in at 6 to 12 ounces, these fire-retardant tarps are light in weight but up to the challenge of warding off flames and extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum. The material is already designed to withstand exposure to the elements. But if caught in a fire, the material will extinguish itself once flames subside - it won't hold heat or flame to spread to other flammable sources.

Contact our tarp experts today. They can answer your questions, tell you more about fire-retardant tarps and make recommendations based on your specific needs and uses.