Foot Pads

Footpads are one of the most basic accessories for any canopy, providing protection against wind and other elements that could lead to collapse, injury or property damage.

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    3/4" Footpad 3/4" Footpad

    3/4" Footpad

    Anchor down canopy frames with galvanized steel 3/4" footpads from Canopies and Tarps. Specifically constructed to be used with EMT conduit fittings, these canopy feet provide secure mounting to either concrete or wood surfaces. Complete with a fitting...
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    1" Footpad 1" Footpad

    1" Footpad

    Keep canopies grounded with footpad pipe fittings from Canopies and Tarps. If you have built a structure, there is a good chance that structure is attached to the ground. We are mind-reading geniuses, aren't we? Our psychic powers start to wane when...
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    1 3/8" Footpad 1 3/8" Footpad

    1 3/8" Footpad

    It is essential to protect your canopy against gusts of wind and other dangers that may cause a collapse and lead to property damage or injury. At CanopiesAndTarps, we carry 1 3/8” footpads made from galvanized steel with welded connections, complete...
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    1 5/8" Footpad 1 5/8" Footpad

    1 5/8" Footpad

    Secure your canopy to the ground by ordering and installing heavy-duty 1-5/8" Canopy Footpads from Canopies and Tarps. Our metal footpads are heavy and designed to hold strong, with metal eyebolts that can be secured by hand to the pole. The footpads...
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    1 5/8" Footpad Hybrid L Foot Pad Hybrid L Fitting

    Foot Pad Hybrid L Fitting

    Whether you are connecting your canopy structure to the ground, or looking for a side support brace, our Footpad L Fitting is your answer. We make this fitting from high grace galvanized steel and weld every connection for corrosion-free strength and...
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    1 7/8" Footpad 1 7/8" Footpad

    1 7/8" Footpad

    We make our 1 7/8" footpad fittings from high grade galvanized steel to ensure your canopy structure mounting is fully secure. The fitting's inner diameter is 1 7/8", and the eyebolt allows for a strong, secure fit. Three plate holes for securing the...
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  • 1 5/8" Footpad Hybrid T Hybrid Foot Pad T Fitting

    Hybrid Foot Pad T Fitting

    Our Footpad Hybrid T fitting is designed to be incorporated with chain link fencing posts. Use this fitting as a footpad to connect your structure's framework to the ground, or use it as a side support brace. We make all of our fittings from high grade...
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