How to Measure a Canopy Replacement Cover for a Gazebo

How to Measure a Canopy Replacement Cover for a Gazebo

May 24th 2022

Gazebo Covers: How to Replace a Gazebo Canopy

When your gazebo canopy becomes damaged or starts looking shabby with age, there's no need to replace the whole gazebo. With our guide to replacing your gazebo canopy versus replacing the entire structure, you will save lots of money without spending too much time making the switch.

To find the right size replacement gazebo canopy, measure your old canopy to ensure the best fit over your existing frame.

  • First, measure the canopy length from inside leg to inside leg.
  • Second, measure the canopy width from inside leg to inside leg.
  • Third, measure the peak height of the roof rafter from the bend in the top post corner fitting to the middle of the high-center fitting. One simple option is to remove the legs on one side of the canopy to make it easier to determine this length.

For an idea of what your measurement should resemble, the industry standard is a 12' x 10' canopy. A replacement gazebo cover from Canopies and Tarps will be slightly larger than your frame. For example, our 12' x 10' valance canopy gazebo enclosure replacement cover is meant for use on a 10' x 10' frame.

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