30' x 30' Tarps

If it's worth protecting, it's worth getting the right tarp for your needs. Canopies and Tarps has a range of tarps in a 30' x 30' cut size - with a finished size of 29'6" x 29'6" to suit your needs.

30" x 30" Tarps to Fit Your Needs

Tarps come in a variety of thicknesses from standard to heavy duty. We also offer tarps in a clear material, and a ripstop mesh fabric to offer filtered light.

Tarps of this ample size are suitable for covering roofing projects, worksites, equipment, vehicles, boats or other property. These covers can be used to protect a flower bed or wood pile. Heavy-duty tarps can protect property from rain, direct sunlight and other elements, while mesh tarps are well suited to create a shelter from direct sun. Reinforced eyelet holes make it easy to secure the tarp for the best coverage or to attach it to a pole or structure to create a shelter.

Portability and Durability

The size and thickness are substantial, but the tarp can be easily folded and taken to a new location for the next use. A 30' x 30' tarp is useful for any job site where you will need to cover equipment or secure workspace during off-hours. Have confidence that tarps from Canopies and Tarps will stand up to seasons of hard use and adapt to many of your needs.