Whether you need help securing a tarp to a frame or repairing it, accessories from Canopies and Tarps help you get the most out of your canopy, carport or party tent.

We are quite proud of our high-quality tarps, durable canopy frames, portable shelters, pop-up tents and other products. Because we pair strong frames with our rugged tarps, our customers are assured of getting a canopy that is built to last right out of the box. Our kits come with everything you need for successful construction — in many cases, you don’t even need tools to put these frames together.

But, just like everything else in life, the right accessories can improve your experience dramatically.

Wide Selection

Our selection of accessories includes:

  • Tie downs galore. Whether you want to secure a tarp to a frame, or give more stability to a constructed frame, you’ll find the best tarp tie-downs available. Ball bungee ties and tarp clamps help ensure that a tarp is positioned exactly how you need it, and other tie downs such as bungee cords and rubber straps help make sure a load is properly secured during transport.
  • Tent stakes and foot pads. With these, you can ensure your structure has extra resistance to wind and rain.
  • Bar braces. If you are worried about a frame being able to hold weight, whether you suspect snow build-up or other strains, these tools give extra stability.
  • Tarp repair kits. If a tarp gets damaged, you can make a quick repair.

We carry a wide selection of tarp accessories, from the best tarp tie downs to party tent ratchet straps. If you have a use in mind, you’ll find something that can add even more functionality in mind.