170' x 170' Tarps

Heavy-Duty Premium Tarps in Largest Size Available

When you have to go big or go home, the 170' x 170' tarp will get the job done. This is the largest tarp size offered by Canopies and Tarps. This tarp will cover an enormous area and is sure to provide enough coverage for anything that you need. As these tarps are of an unusually large size, we are only able to offer them in one style and limited colors. Our largest tarps are made of heavy-duty six-ounce polyethylene that is 12-mil thick and features a 14x14 weave. These tarps come in white, tan and clear.

The cut size of each tarp is 170' x 170', which produces a finished size of 169'6" x 169'6" with a reinforced edge with evenly spaced grommets that work as tie-down spots to secure the tarp in place.

Each tarp is made to order out of the highest-quality materials. Edges are hemmed and seams are heat-sealed. The corners are reinforced and the hems contain ropes for extra strength and tear-resistance. Aluminum grommets line the edges spaced eighteen inches apart. This makes tie-down secure and also reinforces the seams. Tarps are waterproof and resistant to rot, mold and mildew. They are also treated to block UV rays and have added fade blockers to keep your tarp looking new for longer.

The heavy-duty fabric and the size make for a considerable weight. Installation of the tarp will require multiple people. If the tarp is going to cover a structure, it will have to be able to support the weight of the tarp. Once in place, the tarp will offer heavy-duty protection from weather and other environmental factors.

Whether you are covering ground to protect a field or crops or creating a roof over a strong structure, this heavy-duty tarp will provide semi-permanent protection for the area you intend to protect.