Canopy Tents With Super Duty Frame

Heavy-duty canopy tents from Canopies and Tarps are built to handle big jobs.

We don't care what kind of property you own, or how much: We're absolutely certain that you can always use more space. Maybe you want to build a shelter for an outdoor picnic or banquet. Maybe you need a place to protect cars from incoming weather. Maybe you want to cover a worksite for shade, comfort or protection. Maybe you want to turn a parking lot into a sales floor for a special event.

In all those cases and more, our heavy-duty canopies and tents can help you make the most of that space.

Options Aplenty

Imagine the things you can do with a covered shelter:

  • Portable garage. Building a brick-and-mortar garage is expensive at best and, depending on building codes, impossible at worst. Our canopy tents let you build an enclosed space perfect for working on vehicles.
  • Enclosed storage. Need a secure place to stash extra stuff? Keep that property protected from the elements in an enclosed tent.
  • Carports. They are not just for driveways. Any place on your property can be turned into a shelter for vehicles and more.
  • Picnic spots. Turn a piece of your backyard into a picnic paradise with a heavy-duty covered shelter.

When you need superior strength and dependable weather protection, turn to canopy tents with heavy-duty frames from Canopies and Tarps. Our selection of premium all-weather shelters are built with super-duty canopy frames and are topped with strong, waterproof covers. These versatile tents are designed to offer plenty of shade and protection from sun, rain, snow and other elements, making them the ideal choice for all types of outdoor functions and events. Plan your next party with confidence knowing that your event won't be spoiled by the weather.


Quality Construction


Canopy tents with durable frames are constructed using 1-5/8" heavy-duty galvanized steel with industry-leading pipe thickness and galvanized steel connectors. Many of our canopy tents also feature reinforced side rails and extra bar brace supports to add to the strength of the product. The high-quality steel frames are stronger, more stable and more durable than standard canopy frames. Because the frames are so strong and so resilient, you can rely on them when it matters the most. Whether you're covering vehicles, expensive equipment or sheltering guests at a party, our canopy tents with heavy-duty frames are up to the challenge.


Open or Enclosed Designs Available


At Canopies and Tarps, we like to offer our customers choices, which is why we carry open or enclosed canopy designs to choose from. Our canopy tents with heavy-duty frames can be ordered with side enclosures or with an open valance top. For enclosed models, a roll up garage door at the end of the canopy provides easy access. The covers that come with the canopies are made from heavy-duty polyethylene and are treated to resist mold, mildew and rot. They're also UV-resistant to protect the paint on your cars or the guests at your party.


Sized Right


Super-duty canopy tents with heavy-duty frames come in a variety of sizes ranging from 18' x 20' to 30' x 40'. Select sizes are available in multiple color choices. All covers are attached to the frame using ball bungee ties, which are easy to use and help minimize installation time. The bungee ties attach the cover to the frame with the help of built-in grommets, which are made of quality materials and won't break or distort under pressure. The grommets are also reinforced to prevent tearing. Bungee ties and foot plates come standard with every canopy tent that has a heavy-duty frame.


Find the right industrial canopy or heavy-duty canopy tent for your needs at Canopies and Tarps. We carry a large selection of products to choose from at affordable prices, so you can keep your most important possessions protected from any type of weather. Need more than one? We offer bulk pricing on volume orders so you can get an even better price on your favorite heavy-duty frame canopies.


For questions about a product you see here or for help ordering, our highly trained staff is ready to assist you day or night. Just give us a call at 1-877-811-3911 and we'll be happy to help you find the canopy tent that is right for you.