Discount Hay Tarps 6 oz. (Grommets Only)

Our discount hay tarps are made with 14 x 16 mesh count polyethylene with a 14-millimeter thickness and 7 ounces per square yard. They're a solid choice for protecting your hay bales or woodpile from damaging elements. Canopies and Tarps offers 13 different sizes, ranging from 8' x 10' to 40' x 60', although the finished sizes are 6" x 6" less. These reflective, heavy-duty silver tarps are made with triple-layer, rip-stop woven polyethylene and include heat-welded, hot air-fused seams for additional durability. These tarps are 100 percent waterproof and the aluminum grommets, which are placed every 18 inches, include rope reinforced corners and eyelets. The hay tarps are UV treated both inside and out and feature added fade blockers as well as anti-aging, anti-yellowing and anti-microbial agents for added protection. And our discount prices are less than half of the retail price, so you always get the best deal when you order from Canopies and Tarps.