Vinyl & PVC Tarps

Built for difficult jobs, a vinyl tarp from Canopies and Tarps offers plenty of possibilities and uses around your home or business.

Vinyl tarps are some of the toughest, strongest tarps available. While our canvas tarps offer a bit of airflow and our polyethylene tarps give outstanding waterproof, lightweight protection, our vinyl tarps are the tough cookies built to handle the big jobs. They are thicker and heavier than our other options because they are ready to take on high-demand jobs that would be found in construction, industrial or agricultural settings. We’re talking about jobs such as:

  • Containing chemicals.
  • Securing large, heavy loads of loose material.
  • Protecting large building tools or supplies.
  • Acting as a protective surface in hazardous environments.

Because of how they are made, our vinyl tarps will last longer and resist more damage than our other types of tarps.

Different Types of Vinyl Tarps

The term "vinyl tarp" can cover a wide variety of tarp types. While all of our vinyl tarps contain vinyl, some tarps also contain additional components that make them better suited for different jobs.

Vinyl laminated: Some of our tarps are vinyl laminated, making them ideal for use in extreme weather conditions, and long-term use. Their heavy-duty construction makes them tough and incredibly resilient to changes in climate and temperature. On the heavier side, these tarps weigh in at 13 ounces per square yard and have a thickness of 18 mil. Vinyl laminated heavy-duty tarps can be used to secure boats and outdoor furniture during winter or protect a house from extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.

Polyester vinyl-coated: The second type of vinyl tarp is the polyester vinyl-coated tarp. This type is known as a super heavy-duty tarp. It boasts features such as resistance to mildew, oil and acid. It is also waterproof and ideal for use in circumstances where extra strength and durability are needed. It also has heat-sealed seams and hemmed edges for additional waterproofing. This extremely thick tarp is also suited for defending against abrasions, tearing and scratches. Finally, it offers the best UV ray protection on the market. These highly durable tarps weigh 18 ounces per square yard with a thickness of 22 mil.

Vinyl mesh: The third type of vinyl tarp is the vinyl mesh tarp. It features a mesh construction, brass grommets placed every two feet and comes in 10 different colors. A vinyl mesh tarp is best suited for projects that require long hours working in the sun without restricting airflow. Vinyl mesh tarps are capable of providing 55% shade coverage and, like their heavy-duty cousins, are resistant to mildew, acid and oil.

Consider Your Needs

What do you need to get done? Protecting a load of materials in a trailer or pickup truck? Building a shade canopy for some outdoor relaxation? Covering up important materials, supplies or equipment? Offering shelter from frost or the sun to delicate plants? You'll find the perfect vinyl tarp at Canopies and Tarps.

Our variety can’t be beat. You’ll find all sorts of vinyl tarps in a rainbow of colors, from attention-getting yellows and reds to neutral browns and greens - and even clear ones for visibility.

We've been helping customers just like you for decades find the best option for their needs at affordable prices.