Silver UV Tarps Heavy-Duty Poly(12 Mil)

Material and Construction Features

A silver UV heavy-duty poly tarp offers added protection of being a light reflective material that reflects the sunlight to add light insulating properties in addition to the black center scrim layer that makes it completely opaque. The silver fabric is 12 Mil thick and comes in a weight of 6 ounces per square yard. The substantial tarp comes in a range of sizes from 10' x 10' to an ample 20' x 50' or even larger for a wide coverage area. Each tarp is listed by its cut size, and shows the finished size in parentheses, which denotes the size after reinforced seams and eyelets are in place.

Versatile Applications and Secure Installation

A heavy-duty silver tarp is appropriate for covering flowerbeds, wood piles, equipment, machinery, vehicles, campers, boats or other belongings. The UV rating and light insulation properties make these tarps suitable for outdoor use. The tarps can withstand extended seasonal use or semi-permanent installation. Eyelets can be used to secure tarps with rope or bungee cords or to tie down the tarp to construct a shelter. Canopies and Tarps offers a wide range of sizes in tarps to ensure you can find the best dimensions for your needs.