Shelter Logic Model Replacements

Keep your ShelterLogic canopy in peak condition with replacement covers from Canopies and Tarps.

For more than 70 years, ShelterLogic has provided high-quality outdoor furniture and storage products, including canopies, gazebos, greenhouses and more. If your ShelterLogic shelter uses a canopy, valance or tarp, it may be time to refresh that cover and extend the life of your shelter even more.

Why Replace?

There are many good reasons to swap out with a ShelterLogic replacement cover:

  • Weather intensifying. Seems like we're seeing more rain and snow, as well as stronger storms and hotter summers. All that accelerates the wear and tear on your canopy.
  • Repurposing the frame. If you have a different use in mind, start fresh. Maybe you want to add walls for a portable garage or enclosed storage space.
  • Moving the frame. If you're going to relocate your shelter, a fresh ShelterLogic replacement canopy will help you maximize the time in its new location.

At, we have the ShelterLogic replacement covers and ShelterLogic replacement canopies you are looking for! Save money and time when you replace your worn carport or canopy covers with the trusted quality of premium ShelterLogic-brand products from Canopies and Tarps.


Save Money and Time


We are confident that our huge selection of quality ShelterLogic replacement covers and ShelterLogic replacement tarps includes the products you're looking for. We have the best inventory of products in stock, and our ShelterLogic replacement covers are available at the very best prices every day - no need to hunt down deals, look high and low at warehouse stores or seek out salespeople who have pulled a disappearing act.


Are you in need of bulk quantities? We can do that! Save money on additional discounts with your wholesale order. Have questions about a product you see online or about how our bulk orders work? Give us a call at 877-811-3911. Our staff is available to assist you.


Excellent Selection


Our selection of ShelterLogic replacement canopies and replacement covers can't be beat. Browse our large selection for the prices, sizes and fabrics that fit your existing frame - and your budget! From smaller 10' x 20' sizes to extra-large 30' x 50' white ShelterLogic canopy replacement covers, we have the products you need here at prices you can count on.


High Quality


ShelterLogic has been known for premium dependability for over 50 years. It has been a leading name in the replacement cover and weatherproofing industry for its quality, design and durability. These 12-mil, six-ounce weave polyethylene covers are UV treated inside and out for added protection. A 50+ UPF rating means additional protection from UV rays that could damage skin, equipment and other valuables.


Don't trust your hard-earned valuables to anything less than the best. Invest in quality ShelterLogic replacement covers and ShelterLogic replacement canopies for years of quality that will exceed your expectation time and again.


Got questions? Our canopy experts are standing by to help you out. Contact us and ask us anything. We'll help point you toward a solution that handles what you need to get done.