Carnival Replacements Top Covers & End Panels

Canopies and Tarps carries a full line of carnival tents and carnival canopy components for your needs.

If you run outdoor events such as flea markets, carnivals or festivals, you know how eye-catching and festive a circus canopy tent can be. The bright colors shine during sunny or cloudy days and create a fun atmosphere for unforgettable events. With replacement parts and other components for carnival tents, you can keep that tent working hard for you, season after season, event after event.

Upgrade or update your carnival tent with a replacement canopy from Canopies and Tarps. The carnival canopy top replacements are available for the party tents offered online. Sizes range from 10' x 10' to 24' x 24'. We also supply side panels to enclose your carnival tent.

We carry a wide range of carnival tent replacement fittings, including center fittings with as many as eight spokes. You can find side panels equipped with built-in windows, so that you can let in light for whatever is underneath or give important visibility for people inside.

At Canopies and Tarps, we make sure our carnival tent kits include panels and parts made with premium materials, in order to give you long-lasting durability and service. Contact our circus canopy experts today - they can help you find the perfect carnival tent for your next event.