Green UV Tarps Heavy Duty Poly(12 Mil)

Green heavy-duty tarps from Canopies and Tarps offer long-lasting protection for any job you need.

Many landscapers and homeowners rely on green tarps for their needs. The color blends in with natural surroundings without drawing attention, making it a good choice for natural areas and neighborhoods or commercial areas with restrictive codes.

Good luck trying to find the green tarps for sale you need in a big-box retail store, however. The selection you get there features a handful of sizes and only one or two colors.

Our heavy duty green tarp options are made with strong polyethylene material that is 12 mil thick and 6 ounces per square yard. You'll find waterproof, rot-proof protection that is 100% UV resistant in the exact size you need, so browse our selection and find the perfect UV treated tarp for your needs.

Got questions? Our tarp experts can help answer them and give you tips on other ways to use a heavy duty green tarp.