Canopy Replacement Covers

From carport tarps to canopy tarp replacement covers, Canopies and Tarps carries a wide variety of replacements to keep your frame in service.

Our canopies were built to be durable and long-lasting, season after season. We ensure every component, from the rugged frame to the high-quality canopy, is premium. However, the canopy will show signs of wear and tear long before the frame, simply because of what it is. While the metal of the frame is built to last for decades, the canopy will eventually loosen and lose its ability to protect from the elements.

We make it easy to save money by making carport replacement covers available. Our carport canopy replacement covers are suitable for a wide variety of frames. You’ll easily find the exact size you need, and we offer many types to choose from, including:

  • Standard canopy replacements. These are great for plenty of basic uses, such as standard carports and shelters.
  • Vinyl canopy replacements. These canopy covers are built for extreme toughness and durability.
  • Valance canopy replacements. These special replacements have rounded edges that extend downward. Those rounded edges help control runoff water, directing it better around the frame.
  • Canopy enclosure replacements. If you have an enclosed canopy for storage or privacy, you’ll find the exact panels you need.
  • Carnival tent covers. If you are an event organizer for tailgates, carnivals or other high-traffic outdoor events, these will help you save money and freshen up your canopy’s appearance.

We use premium materials for our carport canopy replacement options, including durable polyethylene manufactured to offer waterproof, rot-proof protection, as well as resistance to the sun's UV rays. And who says you need to keep a car underneath a carport tent? Place it anywhere you want on your property. You can cover a patio with one, or take it to the middle of your yard and put up a picnic bench or a lounging chair. Whatever you can dream up, we can help.


Canopies Built to Last


If you don't already have a carport, you can discover the value and durability our car canopy kits offer. We pair our strong tarps and covers with a rugged steel frame. More than just a car tent, our car canopy kits give you everything you need to construct an effective shelter on your property. Easy to build and maintain, your carport will offer protection from the elements season after season, without the high cost of brick-and-mortar construction.


Whether you want to replace your cover or start fresh, you'll find everything you need at Canopies and Tarps. Contact our canopy experts today! We have more than three decades of experience helping customers like you save money, protect property and host incredible events.