50' x 50' Tarps

Heavy-Duty 50' x 50' Tarps

A tarp works best when it's the right size. For big jobs, find ample space under a tarp with a cut size of 50' x 50' and a finished size of 49'6" X 49'6". The generous size should cover a leaky roof, unfinished remodel, equipment and machinery, camper, boat or other property. The 50' x 50' tarp is large, but some jobs make such a generous size necessary. When you need it, there is no substitute.

Types of Poly Tarps and Their Uses

Heavy-duty poly tarps offer protection for seasons of use, while clear poly tarps shield land, buildings and equipment from rain while allowing some light to filter through. Clear tarps may be suitable for building a shelter or greenhouse installation. Light will enter the space, while the tarp will prevent rain and wind from destroying what is inside.

Reinforced eyelets make it easy to secure tarps over what they cover using rope or bungee cords. Multiple tarps can be secured together through the eyelets to cover a larger area. Tarps can be used seasonally or as semi-permanent protection from the elements. When not used, this cover can fold up and be stored away or transported to another job site. Find tarps in the thickness and size you need from Canopies and Tarps.