Large Heavy Duty Tarps

Trust extra-large tarps from Canopies and Tarps to handle truly big jobs.

To ensure you're getting the best coverage, a tarp needs to come from a common piece of material that has no seams across the middle. A tarp should be an uninterrupted piece of fabric to ensure that water, dirt, wind and more can't get in.

Unfortunately, a bunch of smaller tarps can't replace a large tarp. It doesn't matter how cleverly they are overlapped or how well they are stitched together, a Franken-tarp will fail quickly-and you'll find yourself frustrated and angry that the items stored beneath are ruined. Don't put yourself through that aggravation. Invest in a large tarp from the get-go; it'll save you time and money in the long run.

When it comes to finding big tarps that can get the job done, large poly tarps are your best option. A large tarp gives you all the surface area you need for that big job and guarantees it will help keep the elements at bay to keep your stuff safe from UV rays, moisture, dirt, debris and anything else nature throws its way.


Big Jobs


If you are facing one of these jobs, you should consider one of our extra-large heavy-duty tarps:


* Roof repair. If you are recovering from storm damage or other wear, a tarp will help protect the bones of your house from mildew, rot, moisture and more. Installing a roof tarp properly requires draping it over the roof peak for proper drainage, as well as making sure there are no seams for water to seep through.

* Larger vehicles. RVs, for instance, will benefit from complete, watertight coverage during the off-season. You invested a lot in that vehicle, and you need to keep it safe when it's not in use.

* Worksites. If you are working with dangerous chemicals or paints, a large tarp gives you more room to work and keeps hazardous materials contained. In addition, a tarp can protect tools and other equipment from the elements, as well as keep dust and other debris under control.

Extra-Large Selection


When protection is paramount for items that have to be left outside, the selection of extra-large, heavy-duty tarps in various sizes available at Canopies and Tarps can really make a difference. We off multiple sizes and colors of premium and utility tarps that can be used for everything from covering a large construction area to collecting raked or blown leaves in your backyard.


We also have a variety of tarp materials to choose from, including poly tarps made with high-grade resin to produce the best grade polyethylene on the market, and nylon tarps with a high weave count and a thick poly coating to address any poly liner need.


You can use our heavy-duty tarps in industrial, commercial and construction applications. Waterproof extra-large heavy-duty poly tarps have heat-sealed seams that are exceptionally resistant to abrasions and UV damage. These are ideal for building enclosures, landfill covers, asbestos tarps, membrane structures, nuclear reactors and other industrial-grade uses. Valued for their durability, heavy-duty tarps have reinforced hems and brass grommets for secure tie-downs.


Poly tarps are constructed with multiple layers of a woven mesh fabric sandwiched between two or more polyethylene sheets. Heavy-duty tarps have a higher mil thickness than standard lightweight blue tarps. A 12-mil-thick, 14' x 14' weave tarp with rope-reinforced edges and corners will offer considerably better protection from both the sun's UV rays and the risk of dampness, as well as better durability, than a less expensive 6-mil-thick, 10' x 10' weave count made of polyethylene materials.


When it comes to outdoor protection, you need a high-quality tarp. You invested a lot in whatever you need to cover, and it's in your best interest to make sure that the large tarp you buy will keep those items safe from the elements.


See the full selection of rot-proof, mildew-resistant, extra-large tarps offered by Canopies and Tarps and save yourself time, money and aggravation.