Pond Liners - 30 Mil

Count on a 30-mil pond liner from Canopies and Tarps for your outdoor water features.

Many homeowners have built water features such as fountains and garden ponds in their back yards, in order to get more enjoyment out of their space. Others build retention ponds or livestock ponds for their properties.

If such a feature is your plan, you will need a strong liner for pond features of all types. That's where Canopies and Tarps comes in. Our pond liners are some of the strongest and long-lasting in the business.

Effectively lining a pond or a pool requires a sturdy material that is able stand up to the incredibly demanding environment of constant contact with a body of water. A pond liner is in constant use with no resting points, which means it needs to be strong and resilient to the requirements of long-term usage.

Our pond liners are made of high-quality polyethylene material with an extremely high thickness of 30 mil. This thickness is key to our pond liners' extra-tough, long-lasting durability. This liner boasts a burst strength of 581 PSI, a puncture resistance of 140 pounds, a grab tensile strength of 362 pounds, a hydrostatic resistance of 269 PSI and a tongue tear resistance of 49 pounds. Needless to say, it is one of the strongest products Canopies and Tarps has available for order.

We have helped thousands of property owners just like you build water features that stand the test of time and protect the environment from erosion or leakage. We can do the same for you, as well. Browse our selection of 30-mil pond liner sizes, or contact us today about a custom size. Keep in mind that all of these pond liners are made to order, and will require two to four weeks of manufacturing time.

Please Note: ** Pond Liners are made to order and take up to 2-4 weeks before shipping.