Standard Canopy Replacements

A carport canopy replacement from Canopies and Tarps will help restore your canopy to prime condition.

Do you have a canopy with a great frame but a cover that has seen its better days? Don't throw it all away. Get a standard canopy replacement from Canopies and Tarps. We have a wide selection of standard canopies. You will be able to find the right fit for your frame.

Brining life back to your standard canopy is easy and economical. We offer sizes for frames from 10' x 10' to 18' x 40'. The heavy-duty tarps are 12 mils in thickness and most weigh six ounces per yard with a 14-by-14 mesh count. They also provide UV protection. This ensures that whatever you store under the canopy will be protected from the sun's harmful rays. The craftsmanship includes aluminum grommets that are evenly spaced at 18-inch intervals along the hem of the cover. They also feature rope-reinforced covers and eyelets for added security and durability.

Every cover is waterproof and resistant to mildew, mold and rot. Standard tarps are designed to fit to the frame edge. Actual cover measurements include additional material to cover the high center angle of some frames. Visit our website for ordering and sizing details, including a measurement diagram.


Why Restore?


There are many reasons to consider replacing the canopy on your frame, no matter how you use it:


* Moving the frame: If you have a new location for your frame in mind, then it's a good time to replace the canopy.
* Extreme weather: Our weather systems have been a bit more intense over the last few years, with stronger winds, wetter rainstorms, colder winters and hotter summers. All that can accelerate the wear and tear on your canopy.
* Storing something  If you got a new car or other kind of vehicle, consider a canopy replacement cover so that both things start fresh.
* It's been a while: Frames last a long time, and so do canopies. But the canopy will show damage first. Inspect it for worn or damaged spots.

You can also freshen up your frame: We carry a full line of frame fittings and replacement parts. Swap out a bad part with a fresh one - it's much more affordable to do that then buy a new frame.


Easy Ordering


It has never been easier to order a standard canopy replacement cover. Once you've visited our website and selected the cover that is right for you, ordering is simple. You can place your order on our secure website. We offer fast shipping, saving you time.


Canopies and Tarps offers the best prices on all of its standard canopy replacement covers. We order directly from the factory and secure the best prices possible. We then pass the savings on to our customers. You also can order in bulk for an additional discount.


Our expert customer service representatives are available to answer your questions. We place a premium on customer service and are always here for you. We want to make sure your shopping experience is unmatched. Call us at 877-811-3911. You won't be disappointed.