Privacy Fence Tarps 87%

Trust Canopies and Tarps to find construction fencing and screens that are high-quality and affordable.

Construction projects are usually not welcome places for the general public. Safety hazards abound, and important supplies are placed in places for getting work done, not for navigation. Additionally, construction rarely is pretty to look at. Part of the magic of construction is starting with a dirty mess, then watching it transform into something beautiful.

A high degree of regulation surrounds every construction project, whether it is residential or commercial. Privacy tarps for fences can help you contain that mess effectively and safely.

Different Uses

Our construction tarps are good for residential or commercial applications:

  • Residential: A good construction tarp gives you security and peace of mind. People will not be able to cross your fence so easily, which means you don't have to worry about kids getting injured as they play. Additionally, restrictive neighborhoods will appreciate you hiding the mess of construction while it is in process.
  • Commercial: Zoning codes and other laws may require you to block public access to a construction site completely, including the work in progress. Or some clients may not want the public to have an easy look at what is being built.

Get the privacy you need by ordering construction screens and fence tarps from Canopies and Tarps and get it at an ultra low price.


High Quality Construction Tarps


Our dense, polyethylene mesh material blocks up to 87% visibility, providing you with unparalleled privacy. With aluminum grommets affixed to each construction screen at 24-inch intervals, you can secure it in the manner that best suits your needs.


Each construction fence screen in our extensive catalog provides full UV protection, is resistant to tears, rot, mildew and acid, and has neatly hemmed edges to prevent tattering and fraying. We offer these poly construction privacy fence tarps in both 6' x 50'and 8' x 50' lengths to provide you with the widest selection available. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions you have - just call (877)811-3911 and someone will assist you.


Ordering from Canopies and Tarps is simple. Just select the colors and sizes you want from our comprehensive collection by clicking "Add to Cart" on the product's page (don't forget to adjust the quantities to ensure you're getting enough to cover your entire area). Provide your payment and shipping information during our secure checkout, and we'll send your order out immediately.