Silver/Brown Super Heavy-Duty Tarps

Whether you need to protect a small patch of land from frost, or an entire roof from a rain storm, this silver/brown super heavy-duty tarp is just what you're looking for. Like our popular white super heavy-duty tarps, these covers are 12 millimeters thick with a 14 x 14 mesh count, making them a prime choice in protecting everything from flower beds to farm equipment. These waterproof tarps are treated with an extra UV laminated coat for long-lasting protection. Grommets are spaced at about 18" apart. With more than 20 different sizes ranging from 6' x 8' all the way to 100' x 100', we have the tarp that will fit your needs. The tarps lose about 6" x 6" of space once they're finished, so please measure accordingly. All our silver/brown super heavy-duty tarps are half off the list price, so order yours from Canopies and Tarps and save.