Canopy Enclosure Replacements

Restore and refresh your canopy frame with a replacement canopy enclosure from Canopies and Tarps.

If you have a canopy frame, you already know how handy it is. Maybe you have used it as a carport, a shelter for picnics and more. Maybe it's helped protect a classic car, a lawnmower or outdoor furniture. With a canopy enclosure, you can repurpose that frame into something more:

  • Better storage: Keep supplies safe and secure from weather events or uninvited guests by getting them out of the open air.
  • Portable garage: Need to work on that classic car, but don't have the space in your regular garage? Turn that frame into an enclosed space.
  • Privacy or crowd control: If you need a separated space during an event, a canopy enclosure helps you manage crowds.

The takeaway is that you can add life to your canopy with a replacement canopy enclosure from Canopies and Tarps. These replacement kits are perfect for carports to protect autos, boats, campers, motorcycles or outdoor equipment. You also can upgrade to one of our long-lasting durable replacement covers. We have a wide selection to ensure a fit that is right for you. Canopy Enclosure Replacements are made of 6 oz. 12 mil Poly fabric


Our replacement canopy enclosures are made from polyethylene and are UV treated to provide long lasting durability and superior fade and discoloring resistance. These replacement canopy covers are designed to fit over existing frames. A 12' x 20' replacement cover is designed to fit over a 10' x 20' frame. The additional two feet of material is used to accommodate the high peak.


The superior craftsmanship includes heavy-duty aluminum grommets that are evenly spaced every 18 inches around the perimeter of the tarp. Most of our replacement canopy closures are offered in silver, white or tan. You also can purchase bungee cords to complete the renovation of your canopy enclosure. Frames are not included.


Our canopy replacement enclosures can be placed over an existing frame, replacing that aged, worn or yellowed cover, saving you money while offering protection from the elements. Visit Canopies and Tarps online to view our selection of replacement covers.


Ordering is made easy and safe. We ship quickly to save you time. You can peruse our catalogue in confidence. If something is out of stock, we note it on our website, which is updated to provide the latest information. We buy in bulk to offer deep discount prices. We also offer you discounts when you purchase in bulk. We run coupon promotions for added savings.


We take customer service seriously. For more than 25 years, we have helped property owners just like you find the best canopies and tarps for their needs. We've learned so many different tips and tricks for using our tarps and canopies, and we're happy to share what we've learned. Browse our blog for ideas and advice, or check out our FAQs for answers to basic questions.


When you need more information, call 877-811-3911 to speak with a member of our staff. They are available to make sure you get the replacement canopy enclosure that is right for you.