What to Look for When Shopping for Canopy Top Replacements

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Sep 30th 2014

If you have a canopy that you use to shade your patio or provide sun protection for your vehicle, you likely know that it wont last forever. Even the most durable canopies will need replacement at some point, especially if you leave it outdoors during the entire year. With the beating that a canopy can receive from the elements, youll need to know what to look for while shopping forcanopy top replacements.


The sizes of canopies can vary greatly, from some that are designed for small areas to others that are large enough to accommodate big yards. If you only need to buy a canopy top and are keeping the frame, it becomes even more important to focus on size. Taking measurements and looking over the options carefully can prevent you from ending up with a canopy that simply doesnt fit and will need to be returned.


The appearance of some of the canopies available can range from basic neutral colors to something a bit more flashy. Keeping in mind the style of your patio furniture and landscaping can help you choose a canopy top that will fit in with the rest of your yard.


If youre only replacing the canopy of your patio and not the entire structure, you can save some money on the purchase. Considering the cost of the original canopy that you bought can help you choose a canopy top that is priced appropriately.

If youre interested in replacing a worn canopy top instead of an entire replacement, pleasecontact us.