Cool Dog Houses & Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

Cool Dog Houses & Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

May 24th 2022

Choosing the Best Dog Kennels and Crates

Choosing the best dog kennel or crate for your pet involves paying attention to size and materials to ensure your dog has plenty of room to play and rest at home, or to stay comfortable in transit. At Canopies and Tarps - and, yes, we're dog lovers too! - we offer these dog kennel tips and dog cage ideas to help keep your pet safe and satisfied in your backyard or in your car.

When it comes to fenced dog enclosures, choose a portable dog kennel that's the right size for your pet. Don't just think about size; think about how much room for play and exercise is optimal for your dog. Popular sizes range from 4' x 4' to 10' x 10' in our portable chain link 12-gauge steel fencing from Canopies and Tarps.

Protect your dog from the elements with outdoor shade mesh covers for kennels or crates that will reduce kennel temperatures while providing up to 75% shade on warm-weather days. For rainy or snowy days, keep an inexpensive poly tarp dog kennel or crate cover on hand that has sturdy grommets to secure with bungee ties or rope to the top of your crate or kennel.

When transporting your dog by crate, you'll want to add a soft orthopedic dog pillow as well as a selection of your dog's favorite pet toys and other dog crate furnishings to keep your dog comfortable.