Tarps for Sporting Events: Creating Temporary Sports Facilitie

Tarps for Sporting Events: Creating Temporary Sports Facilitie

Aug 22nd 2023

Sometimes, sporting events require protection from the weather. It's not always a matter of keeping a an area shaded for players to rest in, but sometimes you'll need to protect against rain, stormy weather and more - because you can't always guarantee that the weather for such events will be ideal. Fortunately, there are many unique ways that you can prepare for this kind of weather by using tarps to create a temporary sporting facility. Whether you want to protect against the snow, keep people off your property, create a shed for storage or cover a field entirely, Canopies and Tarps has solutions for you.

Creating Storage Sheds for Sporting Locations

With modern technology, creating a storage shed for all your sports equipment is easier than ever. Using a plastic, vinyl or metal storage shed that you can assemble where you need it and take it down when the season is over makes sports storage a breeze, and with heavy-duty metal or vinyl that can withstand seasons of use with proper footings and assembly, you'll be able to put everything you need in one place and lock it to keep it safe. This is a great option for fields where supplies cannot simply be brought back whenever the next sporting event occurs.

Fencing Off Events with Athletic Field Accessories

Athletic field coverings go beyond storage, however. With safety fences, you can surround the field with tall fencing that keeps people from crossing onto the field while keeping balls and equipment inside it. Safety fences can also be used to direct traffic or as crowd control for when events end, making them a great choice for outdoor sporting events.

Designed with sturdy and durable polyethylene and fitted with a mesh pattern for easy assembly, safety fences are one of your best bets for clearly separating sporting fields from stands or surrounding the athletic field. You'll also find windscreen covers that don't just cover chain-link fences and provide privacy while reducing wind amounts but leave your field looking and feeling great.

Keep Baseball Fields Protected with Athletic Field Covers

Protecting the athletic field means more than just protecting the players and guests. Much of what makes a baseball field ideal can also be quite expensive, so protecting your investment can be very important. Tarps and covers are the perfect answer, keeping the rain and weather off pitching mounds, baseball field dirt, bullpens and more. Each tarp and cover is made to order to ensure that you receive exactly what you need in the precise measurements you need it.

The tarps used for these purposes are made from 12-mil polyethylene fabric that is resistant to outdoor risks like mildew, rot, mold and UV rays. Reinforced web loop handles also make transporting, installing and removing each tarp easy. During particularly rainy weather or the baseball season has ended, utilize these tarps to protect the field and prepare it for next year.

Using Canopies to Provide Shade and Rest

Canopies are also a great addition to any sporting field due to their ability to protect guests and spectators from harsh sunlight, making any field a more enjoyable place to visit. Canopies that protect against sunlight are relatively inexpensive and are easy to set up, with some taking only minutes to assemble. You can create VIP areas for spectators or use large canopies to provide shelter for all guests that attend your events. Many vinyl and PVC canopies can also protect against light rain, making them ideal for any event where the weather is uncertain. Browse our selection of party tents and canopies to find options for your athletic field.

Creating Sporting Facilities with Tarps

Of course, you might also need to use tarps for more than just protecting the field or storing items. In some environments, you may need large-scale tarps to house an entire field. This can seem like a daunting task simply due to the amount of ground you need to cover, but fortunately temporary structures like these can be installed nearly everywhere and can be assembled without too much difficulty. These types of facilities utilize metal supports to keep the tent in place and canvas or vinyl tarps on the outside to keep the weather out.

You'll need to start by measuring your field, getting exact measurements is important for constructing a metal frame that fits properly. There are many professionals that can design and build temporary sports locations that can guide you through the process of receiving planning permissions, delivery of your materials and installation of the frame and cover securely. After assembly, these temporary athletic facilities can be used throughout the season and taken down when they're no longer needed - though disassembly will often require professional assistance due to the large size of these structures.

You may also consider using specialty tarp fabric like what you'll find at Canopies and Tarps to line the outside of your temporary athletic structure. You'll find options like canvas tarping by the yard as well as clear PVC vinyl that can be cut to your order. Extra large tarps can come in sizes as big as 60' x 60' to cover an entire field, or to at least minimize the amount of tarps you'll need to do so.

Tarps and Canopies for Athletic Fields

Whatever your motivation, utilizing tarps and canopies at your athletic field is a great way to keep your equipment, players and guests protected from sunlight and rain. At Canopies and Tarps, you'll find a wide variety of options that will suit your needs. If you have questions regarding any of our items, contact us directly and we'll guide you to the covers, tarps and canopies that are perfect for you.