Tree Squirrel Season in California Begins: Dont Forget the Camo Tarpaulins

Tree Squirrel Season in California Begins: Dont Forget the Camo Tarpaulins

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Aug 27th 2014

Tree squirrel season is just about ready to start in California for rifle hunters. Bow and falconry fans got to kick off their season in August. So in our opinion, its high time to dust off those camouflage tarpaulins and head off into the woods in search of dinner. If it will be your first time hunting squirrel in the Golden State, heres a little bit of what you need to know

Tree squirrels may only be hunted in select areas and in order to stay on the right side of the law, youll need a resident small game license. Information on where those areas are and how to get a small game license are available through the California Fish and Game Commission. Once you have your license and an area picked out, youll need to gather up some hunting gear.

Good, strong tarpaulins will come in handy when you set up your ground camouflage. Just be sure to try and select one that matches your camouflage clothing and general surroundings. Our camouflage tarpaulins are made from a waterproof, HD vinyl and sport the classic green, gray and black pattern. Each one is made with 22 millimeters thick material and weighs a mere 18 ounces. The sizes range from 05 x 07 to 20 x 30. In addition to the camouflage tarpaulins, youll need your weapon of choice, ammo, a game bag and a squirrel caller.

When hunting squirrel, remember that having patience and the ability to be as quiet as possible are the keys to success. Of course being in the woods before the sun comes up and avoiding the wind are going to help increase your chances of success too. Signs to look for when you are choosing a stand or still spot are cuttings, middens, droppings, tracks, scratch marks and nesting sites. Trees that tend to yield the best results in that regard are oak, pine and hickory.

After you catch your prey, be sure to clean and dress it properly before attempting to turn it into a meal. If youve never done that before, the Missouri Department of Conservation has detailed instructions available that may help you skin, gut and wash your first one. They also have a few good squirrel recipes online as well. To learn more about camouflage tarpaulins and other items that may help you get through the hunting seasons ahead, please contact us today.