Tips for Managing Containment Ponds and Preserving Pond Liners in the Winter

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Dec 4th 2013

In a previousposting, we discussed tips for choosing pond liners. Well this week, we wanted to briefly revisit the topic and discuss management issues. After all, it wont be long before containment pond owners will have to deal with snow-melt and migrating waterfowl issues. With that in mind, here are our containment pond management tips:

#1: Use a Depth Marker

One way to get a grip on your ponds snow-melt issues is to use a modified marking system. It will allow you to accurately measure your ponds water level with merely a glance. There are several different types of depth markers available. You will want to select one that will not puncture a hole into your pond liner. In many cases, that may end up being a side-wall or sloping marker system.

#2: Use Protective Padding

While we are on the subject of punctures, it is important to use protective padding when installing pond agitators and pump systems too. Thats because such systems tend to have sharp edges that can sometimes cut into a pond liner with continuous use.

#3: Monitor Bank Erosion

It is also a good idea to monitor the ponds embankment area for signs of erosion. Otherwise, the banks could erode to the point where it disrupts the placement of your pond liner. In instances of significant erosion, pond liner damage could also occur.

#4: Watch Out for Trees

Erosion is not the only thing to look out for around the embankment area. Roots from trees and shrubs as well as loose, vegetative debris can cause problems too. Therefore, it is best to avoid planting in the areas near thecontainment pondand engage in periodic tree limb removal.

#5: Install Waterfowl Netting

Lastly, consider protecting yourpond linerfrom migrant waterfowl with the aid of weather resistant netting. The netting should be ideally place above the pond and on poles. It should also feature large openings and a support cable designed to keep the netting free of wintry debris. Failure to keep the net free of ice, snow and other materials could cause it to collapse and damage your pond liner.

For more information about pond liners and how to use them, pleasecontact us. We have a large assortment of 20 mil pond liners in stock. They feature a puncture resistance of 140 pounds and a tongue tear resistance of 80 pounds. Their Mullen burst strength, hydro-static resistance and grab tensile strength are also quite impressive.