Soup Up Super Bowl Parties with Pop Up Tents and Accessories

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 30th 2014

It doesn't matter which NFL team youll be rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday or where. One thing can be agreed upon by all football fans. Pop-up tents can really soup up a Super Bowl Party. So we wanted to talk about the best way to get that party started.

For fans that are going to be watching the kickoff at a friends house instead of their own digs, a pop-up instant canopy kit should do the trick. They tend to come with their own convenient carrying case. Some of the pop-up tent kits also contain side rails, side walls and skirting. They are good to have for those that plan on celebrating in a windy, snowy or rainy area. This is especially the case if they are paired with portable tent heaters.

Nowadays, there are portable tent heaters available that are cordless, use forced air and keep dangerous fumes out. They tend to run on propane and come with their own carrying cases too. One company that manufactures such pop-up tent heaters is Zodi Outback Gear.

Fans looking to whoop it up in a warm climate may want to skip the side walls heater combination and choose a mesh wall kit and portable fan instead. They are great for air circulation purposes and will help keep away the insects. In addition, the mesh panels are safe for use around food service equipment. So NFL fans will be able to prepare their favorite Super Bowl snacks without fear.

Speaking of Super Bowl foods, pop-up tents make it easy to set-up a mini kitchen and dining area. For example, crock pots filled with chili or buffet pans of chicken wings could be placed on portable folding tables under the tent along with folding chairs. A beer keg, coolers and other Super Bowl party supplies could be added to the area as well.

Fans that decide to use electric powered cooking equipment or audio visual devices during the Super Bowl party may want to invest in cable covers too. They are designed to protect the wires from damage as well as help keep football fans from tripping. After all, no one wants to break a leg during the half time show.

To learn more about choosing and setting up a pop-up tent for Super Bowl parties, please contact us at (877) 811-3911. Wed love to help you root for your favorite NFL team in style.