Snow Load Garages Help Bustling Ski Destinations Hold On to Their Assets

Snow Load Garages Help Bustling Ski Destinations Hold On to Their Assets

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Dec 28th 2016

It is estimated that more than 300 ski areas in America will be flinging open their doors this winter in hopes of attracting business. If you are responsible for one of those areas, protecting the business assets is surely at the forefront of your plans. After all, snow related equipment alone is not cheap and can be hard to maintain in the open, frigid air. Lets take the large, snow machines as examples.

They are often used for search and rescue operations. Accordingly, they must be ready to go in seconds. They only way that will happen is if the search and rescue vehicles are stored in permanent or portable garages. Portable garages with appropriate snow load designations tend to be the preferred method of storage for several reasons. Weve listed three of the most frequently cited ones below:

1.) They may be relocated at the end of the skiing season to make room for other events (e.g. summer concerts and flea markets).
2.) They are easy to maintain and move, which lowers a ski areas overhead costs in the off-season.
3.) Upgrading or replacing the structures exterior is relatively inexpensive as compared to permanent buildings made of wood, metal or masonry.

In addition, portable garages are readily available in the sizes ski areas need to accommodate larger pieces of equipment. Just look at the search and rescue vehicles we mentioned earlier. They tend to seat 15 people and boast 50-gallon fuel tanks. Furthermore, their rubber coated and steel tracks are long and sit high off of the ground. So its likely theyll need to be stored in peaked garages that are 30 x 40 x 18 for maximum comfort and convenience. To learn more about portable barns like these and other storage solutions for ski area operators, please contact our knowledgeable team online today.