National Wedding Month and Party Tents: Its Time to Talk

National Wedding Month and Party Tents: Its Time to Talk

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 22nd 2014

With National Wedding Month on the immediate horizon, its time to think about all things bridal. Thats why we wanted to talk about party tents and canopies in todays blog post. They can make a wonderful addition to an outdoor wedding.
Todays party tents range from the very simplistic to luxury models that closely resemble a building. They differ from basic canopies because they are typically outfitted with side walls, doors and windows. Modern brides may even add portable dance floors or other flooring materials to the inside of party tents.

Party tents also come in different sizes and shapes, which may or may not require clearance allowances. In most instances, clearance allowances must be taken into consideration when buying party tents or canopies that use guide wires, interior pole support systems or storm lines.

Frame style tents tend not to need extra clearance because they are compact and without extending parts. They rely on pole legs and metal support systems instead. At Canopies and Tarps, we have all different types of wedding worthy models in stock. So bridal couples will have all of the options that we mentioned earlier as well as a choice of tent color.

Many bridal couples opt to choose solid white party tents or canopies. Others choose to go with striped models or colors that match their wedding theme. Examples include solid blue, yellow striped, blue striped, green striped and red striped party tents.

Depending on where bridal couples plan on having their nuptials, a permit and extra liability insurance may need to be obtained prior to setting up the party tent or canopy. So the best course of action is to speak with the property owner, code enforcement agency or venues management first. One of them will certainly be able to shed some light onto which rules and regulations, if any, apply.

Once the party tents and canopies are set-up, bridal parties may decorate them as desired. However, its important to keep safety in mind. Oftentimes, the best decorative elements to pair with a party tent are hanging electric lanterns, cool to the touch rope lights, flowers and tulle. If placed strategically, they can help draw the eye away from tent poles or cover them up completely.

To learn more about party tents and canopies that are ideal for weddings, please contact us toll-free at (877) 811-3911. If you do decide to have a tented reception, wed also love to have you share your wedding photos with us on Facebook.