Liners Arent Just for Backyard Retention Ponds and Water Gardens

Liners Arent Just for Backyard Retention Ponds and Water Gardens

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 30th 2014

When you hear the words, pond liners, what comes to your mind? If you are like many people in America, retention ponds and water gardens are the first two images that appear. While it is true that pond liners are used for such things, there are other possibilities.

For instance, pond liners are perfect for creating backyard streams. Building a backyard stream typically starts with excavation and the purchase of supplies. In addition to a pond liners and gardening tools, youll also need river stones, a water pump system and foam sealant. Depending on the streams size, the entire project may just take you a weekend or two to complete.

Of course manmade streams are not the only water feature that may be created with the aid of pond liners. They can also be used to create manmade waterfalls in 16 hours or less. To build one youll need basic hand tools, rolled mesh, a pond liner, water pump and stones.

And if you are not particularly savvy at plotting out water feature designs, dont worry. Simple-to-read project blueprints for both manmade streams and waterfalls are readily available online. Just a quick search should turn up more than enough design options to make your head hurt.

As far as choosing the right pond liner for your backyard stream or waterfall, feel free to pick our experts brains. Weve been custom manufacturing and selling first-rate pond liners for well over 25 years now. So there is a 100% chance that well have time tested answers to all of your pond liner questions and products that youll be able to rely on through and through.

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