Ice Damming Problems? Drainage Tarps & Leak Diverters Can Help

Ice Damming Problems? Drainage Tarps & Leak Diverters Can Help

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Dec 25th 2013

The wintermonths are prime time for reports of ice damming problems. As such, there has never been a more opportune time to stock up ondrainage tarpsand leak diverters. They can really come in handy when such predicaments arise. This is especially true if thesnow meltis backing up and running into your buildings attic or ceilingcrawl space.

Take our drainage tarps and leak diversion covers as prime examples of how effective such products can be in those situations. They are unlike othertarpsin several key ways. For starters, the corners of the tarps are outfitted with sewn in heavy-duty D rings. They help the drainage tarp to remain in place andwithstand the weight of standing water.

So just how heavy is standing water? According to the websiteNH Floodplain, a mere three feet of standing water is so heavy that it can cause catastrophic damage to modern frame houses. That damage includes warped wood, structural collapse, mold formation and wall board breakage.

The heavy-duty D rings are not the only design element worth mentioning either. Each of our tarps also come outfitted with a convenient sewn in drain spout. So you can use them with standard, easy to obtain garden hoses, household size buckets and much more.

To use the drainage tarps in ice damming situations, simply locate the area where the snow melt is entering the building. Then affix the tarps D rings to the surrounding wood with the aid of heavy-duty hooks. Afterward, attach one end of the garden hose to the tarps drain spout and place the other inside of a deep bucket. Of course you could also opt to run the end of the hose outside of the building or into a floor drain too. As the snow melts, the tarp will collect the water and divert it down through the garden hose. Thus, the risk of water damage will be minimized until you can fully repair the roof leak.

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