Insulated Vinyl Tarps: A Late Fall Gardeners Best Friend

Insulated Vinyl Tarps: A Late Fall Gardeners Best Friend

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Sep 3rd 2014

With all of the crazy weather that has been taking place across the country, it can be a bit difficult keeping ones garden in tip-top shape. This is especially the case as summer turns to fall and fall fades into winter. Thankfully, there are actions that gardeners may take to protect their late fall crops from being overtaken by frost.

For instance, investing in insulated vinyl tarps is one action that may serve gardeners well. In our experience, their insulating features are enough to keep garden beds warm until the morning. The ones that we have in stock weigh 10 ounces per square yard and boast a -inch thick, foam insulation center. That type of thickness is perfect for light and hard frost situations but thats not all.

The foam is covered by heavy-duty pieces of vinyl that have been outfitted with hemmed seams, corner grommets, D-rings and internal snap attachments. And the vinyl, as weve already alluded too, is coated to provide protect against many things. The long list includes the following:

  • UV Rays and Oils (Natural and Synthetic)
  • Mildew and Chemicals
  • Tears and Cracks
  • Rot and Insect Activity
  • Abrasions and Cold Winds

The insulated vinyl tarps come in small sizes, like 3-feet by 12-feet, which are great for most modest size flower boxes, potted plants and beds. Weve also got heavy-duty, insulated tarps that are 3-feet by 25-feet, 6-feet by 25-feet, 12-feet by 20-feet and 12-feet by 25-feet. Many gardeners like to use them for large beds, rows of hedges, awkward shaped planters, water gardens and rock gardens.
In addition to covering the plants, our insulated vinyl tarps may also be used to cover cold boxes, portable greenhouse roofs, potting benches and assorted gardening equipment. To learn more about them and place an order before the frost arrives, please contact us., please contact us.