How to Choose a Poncho Tarp Shelter

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Nov 18th 2013

Finding a High Quality Poncho Tarp Shelter

Want to save even more space in your backpack when you go camping or hiking? Choose a poncho tarp tent to pull double duty and serve two purposes at once. A lightweight poncho tarp makes a difference.

What is a Poncho Tarp Shelter?

For those not in the know, a poncho tarp shelter is a piece of material that has been fabricated to operate as both a wearable poncho to protect a person from the elements and a shelter, or tent, where the can spend the night and hold off the rain, snow and wind. A poncho tarp tent is an incredibly convenient way to cut the amount of weight you will have to carry on your treks into the wilderness, as instead of carrying two tarps for two purposes, youll be packing a single tarp that can double as both a shelter and a poncho. The process of selecting a lightweight poncho tarp, though, can be fraught with difficulty if you dont know what to look for.

Pick the Right Poncho Tarp Tent

One key consideration when choosing a poncho tarp shelter is what kind of protections you think you will need. For example, if you are expecting heavy rainfall " or at least the potential for heavy rainfall " you will want to have a poncho tarp tent that is water resistant above all else, and that may necessitate selecting a tarp that is a big heavier or made out of a particularly water resistant material. You will also want to select a poncho tarp shelter that is breathable, as heat can be trapped quite quickly due to the heavy weave many lightweight poncho tarp materials possess.

Is a Lightweight Poncho Tarp Right for You?

Ultimately, selecting a lightweight poncho tarp or some other kind of poncho tarp shelter will depend on how important weight is to you. Are you going to be carrying a lot of gear, and therefore a poncho tarp tent is a good choice? Or will you be light on the gear or traveling with many people, and therefore you dont need a lightweight poncho tarp and can devote resources to having both individually for high quality?