Got Junk? Get Portable Garages in Time for Spring Clean Outs

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jan 30th 2014

Spring clean out season will be here sooner rather than later. Are you hoping to get organized and rid your property of some junk? If so, portable garages can make your efforts a lot safer and easier. Heres how:

Portable garagesset up in a flash and can be used in a variety of locations. They are also an ideal way to store your junk before you have a chance to dispose of it. For example, you could use one portable garage to temporarily set aside items to be sold online or at a neighborhood yard sale.

Another portable garage could be used to store items that are waiting to be picked up by charitable agencies. Thats where the safety aspect comes in. Because portable garages are set up outside of the home, there is no need for a charitys pick-up crew to traipse through your living space.

In addition, most portable garages do not feature locking mechanisms. So there is no need to leave a set of keys or wait around to open doors for pick-up crews either. Just tell the charity organizer which portable garage contains the items to be donated and then let them worry about the rest.

Another great thing about portable garages andportable shedsis that they are not see-thru. Therefore, you wont have to stress over potentially receiving complaints or fines from people upset over seeing a huge junk pile in your yard. Just make sure that you dont need a permit before placing the portable garage in your yard. Otherwise, you may end up having to deal with angry members of your areas homeowners association or code enforcement agency.

Once your spring haul out activities are through, the portable garages could very easily be used to store lawn and garden supplies. The kids could use them to neatly store their outside toys and recreation equipment too.

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