Five Uses for Your Carport

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 1st 2020

Portable garages are commonly used to hold cars or trucks when traditional garage space isn't available. However, these portable structures can be used for so much more. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your carport.

1. Store Other Vehicles

In addition to cars and trucks, a portable garage can be used to store other vehicles like boats and RVs. This is a more economical option for storing these vehicles during the offseason. A portable carport can be far less expensive than building an addition to your garage or renting out a storage unit month to month.

For large seasonal vehicles, we recommend something like our 16' x 44' x 16' Peak Portable Garage Canopy. This carport features a steel frame that will protect your investments from the elements, including up to 60 pounds of snow. The polyethylene cover is waterproof and UV treated to keep rain and sun out.

2. Make a Shed for Tools and Equipment

If you own a farm or work on a construction site, a portable garage is perfect for storing your tools and equipment. On a farm, you can easily move the carport around your property depending on where you need it, and for construction work you can move it site to site. This isn't something you can do with a traditional shed.

For tools alone, you can go with a smaller size like our 8' x 12' x 8' Round Portable Garage Canopy. If you want to store equipment like tractors, take a look at the 12' x 28' x 11' Barn Shelter.

3. Create a Gardenhouse

With a portable carport, you can have your garden, tools and supplies all in one spot. It's easy to set up tables for plant pots and garden boxes. If you live somewhere cold, you can even add grow lights to allow you to garden indoors. Our 12' x 26' x 9' Peak Portable Garage Canopy will give you more than enough space to do your gardening. Your plants can take up the majority of the space while you leave room for storing seeds, soil, watering cans and any other supplies you might need.

4. Set Up a Workshop

Are you looking to add a workshop space to your home? You don't need to clear out your garage or build a new structure. Any portable garage can be turned into the perfect workshop. Our 11' x 16' x 10' Peak Portable Garage Canopy is a great option for the task. The sturdy frame and poly fabric are easy to set up, and you will have plenty of space for working in as well as storing any of your tools.

5. Host Outdoor Parties and Events

With bugs, cold nights and hot afternoons, hosting outdoor parties can be difficult. A portable garage gives you a great outdoor event space to work with. The 22' x 24' x 12' Portable Garage is perfect for use during large parties. You can transform the carport with tables, streamers, balloons and fairy lights. It works great as a place for guests to gather or just as a space for holding food to keep it away from the sun and bugs.

Portable Garages for Every Use

Whether you're looking for extra storage space or hosting an event, find the perfect portable garage for your needs at Canopies and Tarps.