Why You Should Get a Dog Kennel Before Bringing Your New Dog Home

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Sep 17th 2018

Welcoming a new dog into your home is so exciting that it's easy to forget everything that you need to do. Still, if you plan to use adog kennel, it's a good idea to buy it, and set it up before you bring your dog home.

Manage Stress:Getting used to a new family and environment is a lot to deal with. It will help if your dog has a safe and quiet space of his own to hang out while he's adapting.

Start Outdoors:When you're giving your dog his first tour of your home, start outside. Let him take a look at your neighborhood and yard, including his kennel, before showing him the inside of your house. It will help him to get oriented.

Introduce Him to Your Children and Other Pets:Your dog may not be ready for your children's enthusiasm until he has a chance to settle down. Similarly, other dogs and animals may feel territorial so it's good to have a kennel handy so you can proceed gradually.

Create Daily Routines:Consistency is reassuring for any dog. If a kennel will be part of his regular schedule, let him start getting used to the idea as soon as possible. Fixed meal times, walks, and bed times help too.

Avoid Misunderstandings:It's important for your dog to know that spending time in his kennel is not a form of punishment. It may be natural for him to think so since he is being separated from his pack, and you may use other forms of time outs as discipline. If you have his dog kennel ready and waiting for him, he's more likely to accept it without any worries about what he did wrong.

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