Which Pop Up Tents Are Best for Fourth of July Celebrations?

Which Pop Up Tents Are Best for Fourth of July Celebrations?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jun 22nd 2015

With Independence Day on the horizon, we know that many of you are wondering, Which pop up tents are best for Fourth of July celebrations? In order to answer that question fully, well need to know how many guests youre expecting and where the event will take place. Knowing which activities you have planned for underneath of the pop up tent will help us better assist you as well.

Why do we need to know those things? Its simple. As human beings, we all value personal space. Consequently, it is important to allow every guest to have at least some degree of personal space during the event. In other words, they should be able to sit, eat, drink, dance, converse and move around underneath of the tent comfortably.

In addition, there must be enough space set aside to accommodate whichever events will be taking place in the pop up tent too. For example, if a catered dinner and dancing is on the agenda, there will need to be ample room for tables, chairs and a dance floor. If a self-serve buffet is planned, theyll need to be an area set aside for that as well.

And while we are on the subject of food, lets not forget about two very crucial elements, insects and flames. Ideally any pop-up tents being used for 4th of July food service should be flame retardant and offer respite from flying insects. After all, its hard to predict if a chafing dish warmer might get toppled over or mosquitoes will arrive for a quick snack.

As for the location details, knowing them will help us recommend things like tent poles, anchors, wind screens, sidewalls and windows. To learn more and receive expert assistance on finding the right pop up tent for your 4th of July party, please reach out to us today.