What Color Are Your Tarpaulins and How Useful Are They in Emergencies?

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 23rd 2014

We've all heard about golden parachutes. Theyre given to top level executives that jump from the corporate leer jet when the going gets rough. Although sacks full of cash arent anything that the majority of Americans would kick to the back of the plane, we happen to know of something that would be lot more useful in survival situations than money. In a word, itstarpaulins.

Todays tarpaulins are made to resist fire, water, chemicals, tears, ultraviolet rays, winds and abrasions. When you've crash landed in the wilderness, can a sack full of cash do that? We dont think so. Just try hiding under an 8.25-inch x 6.25-inch money bag in the driving rain, when the winds are howling, and youll see what we mean. All kidding aside, modern day tarpaulins are truly durable and useful.

On top of that, they come in more colors than just gold. Just look at our collection of heavy-duty poly tarpaulins as an example of whats available to todays consumers. Weve got snow white, bright orange and stealthy camouflage tarpaulins that would be perfect for hunters in search of Christmas or New Years dinner. Shop keeps or tree farmers selling holiday wares would surely appreciate our red, green and clear poly tarpaulins. And for all of those intrepid backpackers out there, weve got tarpaulins in navy blue, silver, tan and yellow.

Oh, and by the way, heavy-duty poly is not the only material used to make todays tarpaulins. For instance, ourchemical resistant tarpsare often crafted out of neoprene. Youll also find tarps made from the following, long lasting materials:

  • Insulated and Aluminized Fiberglass
  • Cotton Duck and Polyester Canvas
  • PVC and Mesh
  • Silica and Slag (Gold and Black)
  • LDPE laminated, HDPE fabric

To learn more about them and the other bold colored, versatile tarpaulins in our inventory, pleasecontact ustoday. At Canopies and Tarps, we offer customers a chance to order standard and custom made tarpaulins suitable for a wide variety of applications. Youll also find other useful products, like athletic field covers, portable garages, party tents and pop-up canopies on offer too. So feel free to count on us for all of your familys cover and canopy needs.