Well-Placed Canopies Help Protect Kids Tender Skin from Intense, Solar Rays

Well-Placed Canopies Help Protect Kids Tender Skin from Intense, Solar Rays

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jul 10th 2016

Did you know that at this time of the year, the sun sends more than 1,300 watts of energy per square meter cascading towards the earth? According to NASAs Earth Observatorys calculations, thats enough energy to cook dinner in an average microwave. With that image in ones head, imagine what that kind of energy would do to a childs skin. Given enough time, chances are the child would walk away with at least a nasty sunburn.
Thankfully, there are easy ways to protect kids from all of that wattage. Installing canopies is one of them. The canopies typically stretch across metal frames suitable for use with a variety of terrains. So it doesnt matter if the kids will be at the beach or hanging out in their grandparents wooded backyard. The tent poles can be firmly placed into or on top of the ground for as long as needed. And if youre unsure of which footers are needed for any given location, just ask us.
Our canopies foot pads typically run from 3/4th-inch in diameter to 1-7/8th. Made from galvanized steel, they are generally outfitted with three mounting holes. On standard models, the mounting holes are located on the pads plates. As such, they are ideal for permanent mounting on concrete surfaces. Of course theyre also suitable for use with wood or composite decking.
And yes, they could be fastened to grassy, sandy or asphalt surfaces too. However, tie-down stakes or cords would likely be needed in those situations to combat slight winds. Speaking of which, there are canopies available that are specifically rated for use in windy environments. Most are listed as full on shelters because they come equipped with side walls and canopy doors. To learn more about canopies ability to protect peoples skin from the sun and wind, please contact us today.