Vinyl Tear Off Tarps for Roofing

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 8th 2015

Tarps are such a handy tool. They are usefulfor everything from camping, covering vehicles, hay, and for parties and events. They can be used for just about any project you mightwant to tackle. Heavy duty vinyl tarps are most typically used for protection from the elements, but they can also be used haul materials or catch debris . If you are in the roofing business, you know the help atear off vinyl tarpscan be. Roofing is a physically demanding job. Tarps can make it a little easier.

There are few safety items to cover when using a tear off tarp. It is important to note that tear off tarps are not intended to be used a slings for lifting. They are designed to catch the old roofing materials you are tearing off the roof. Be sure that there is never anyone under a tarp that has roofing material in it. Also check your tarps for wear. If they show signs of weakening, immediately discard the tarp and purchase a new one.

Our tarps are made with super heavy-duty 40 vinyl material. The 2 inch cross-weave webbing, which is sewn into a plus and x-shape pattern, provides additional strength to the tarp. Steel o-rings at the ends of the webbing allow the tarp to be easily moved. The tarps are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being 7′ x 7′ up to the largest at 20′ x 20′. We also specialize in custom made tarps.

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