Vinyl Tarps for an Easy Garden Sharing Party

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Feb 10th 2019

Wouldn't it be great if you could take money out of your checking account and more dollars would automatically grow back in their place? The next best thing to a money tree could be a garden sharing party, and a vinyl tarp makes hosting one even easier. It's good for your plants and your social life.

When to throw your garden sharing party:Whatever climate you live in, a garden sharing party is probably feasible during at least 3 seasons a year. If you're dividing perennial plants, you want it to be a bit cool so spring or autumn are your best choices, depending on the kinds of plants you're dividing. Be sure to divide your plants when they're looking good and cut only healthy sections so the new plants and the originals will remain abundant. On the other hand, maybe you want to plan a summer garden party to give away your excess zucchini without doing anything about replenishing your original supply.

How to throw your garden sharing party:Invite your neighbors and tell them to bring their friends. Use local social networks like Next-door. Put out flyers in nearby coffee shops and grocery stores. You can keep it a gathering of friends who share your gardening interests or get to know neighbors you haven't met yet.

How your tarp will help:The only downside may be that things can get a little messy, even when you're entertaining outdoors. If you want to avoid having to sweep up soil and bits of greenery, just lay down a vinyl tarp across your patio or wherever you're gathering. Cleaning up will become as simple as picking up your tarp and emptying it into the garbage.

There's no end to all the practical uses you can find for canvas and vinyl tarps.Contact usat to find the right tarp for your project.