Vinyl Tarps and Covers: Tools in the Battle Against Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Vinyl Tarps and Covers: Tools in the Battle Against Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Jul 28th 2014

By now, most folks have already heard about, or encountered, Asian tiger mosquitoes. The -inch long, seeming insatiable blood suckers are making their way around the world like a bad, B, sci-fi movie from the 1950s. And they are doing so rather quickly too. Thats because each female may produce up to 150 offspring a week and all her eggs need to hatch is standing water that is 60 Fahrenheit or more! Good thing there are vinyl tarps and machine covers that may help keep the biting bane of the world at bay.

Well-fitting machine covers and vinyl tarps help to keep rainwater from pooling in areas around a home. So that, in turn, helps to make properties less attractive to Asian tiger mosquitoes. At Canopies and Tarps, we have both 5-sided machine covers and waterproof vinyl tarps available for purchase. Thus, finding tarps and covers capable of minimizing a home or business standing water problems shouldn't be difficult.

It is widely believed that the Asian tiger mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and may deposit their eggs in very little water. That said, wed strongly recommend choosing a light color tarp or silver machine cover. Some of the chief colors to avoid are red, black, forest green and navy blue. Colors that may prove to be most successful at deterring the winged creatures are white, translucent and tan.

At present, our 5-sided machine covers come in two types, polyethylene and fire-resistant vinyl. Depending on which machines are present on a property, custom sizes may be necessary. Remember, the goal is to eliminate little pools of water, not create more with ill-fitting covers. As for our vinyl tarps, they come in a wide range of weights, colors and sizes. To learn more about them and receive assistance in choosing the right ones for your battle against Asian tiger mosquitoes, please contact us today.