Vinyl Tarps: A Great Tool for Chachalaca Hunters in Americas Southern States

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Dec 17th 2014

Chachalaca season is in full swing throughout many southern states. Have you ever been out hunting yet? If not, you may want to consider grabbing somevinyl tarpsand heading out before the season ends in late February. If youve never hunted chachalacas before, dont worry. Heres a quick look at some of what new chachalaca hunters need to know:

Categorized as petite members of the Ortalis genus, chachalacas are considered to be noisy but secretive, upland game birds. They tend to travel in small groups and are most active in the mornings. Their diets typically consist of berries, seeds, leaves, invertebrates and insects. In the majority of southern states, the birds generally start to breed in February, which is why hunting season typically ends at that time. As long as they are not caught, most wild chachalacas have life spans of less than 10 years.

To catch them, hunters have to be stealthy, which is where vinyl tarps come in handy. Depending on the region, camouflage and natural colored, vinyl tarps may be used to set up impromptu shelters and hide bird hunting gear. Just be sure to choose ones that are made from high-density, 3-ply, woven polyethylene. The vinyl tarps should also ideally feature rope-reinforced edges, strong grommets and arctic flexibility as well as resist tears, water, UV rays and mildew. You can find vinyl tarps with those exact qualities by clickinghere.

When you venture off into the woods, keep in mind that the creatures tend to nest in tree crotches, tree cavities, Spanish moss, bare limbs and concealed clumps of leaf litter. The list of trees to look for when setting up a chachalaca hunting camp with vinyl tents includes, but isnt limited to southern oaks, sugar hackberry, Texas ebony and huisache. Wed also suggest looking for chachalacas while they feed and socialize in the underbrush.

Most chachalaca hunters wear tear resistant clothing thats well suited for roaming around in the brush, carry game bags and use guns appropriate for taking small birds. In most instances, southern states require people in search of chachalaca to purchase upland game stamps in conjunction with regular hunting licenses. Plus, many regions have bag limits in place. So its always best to check the regulations before hitting the woods.

To pick up vinyl tarps and other portable shelters needed during chachalaca season, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.