Using Athletic Field Covers This Fall Will Improve Outcomes Next Spring

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 8th 2015

Field maintenance tasks take on a whole new sense of urgency in the fall. Theres much to accomplish and the hours of light in a day just keep on getting shorter. Crews must tend to the soil as well as the turf grasses. Plus, there is the constant threat of early frost and the muddy mess that comes along with it. As such, thoughts of athletic field covers begin to take shape too.

It is not enough to simply buy the best athletic field covers online and plop them down on to a newly, top dressed field. Sure, the 12-Mil PE covers are meant to go over top of the turf grass. But its vital that field maintenance crews do their proverbial due diligence. If they dont, fungi and assorted insects may start to attack the fields soil and root systems. Clearly they are not the types of outcomes that any sporting areas management team would want for their respective properties.
How can crews keep management from losing their cool? Periodically treating and monitoring the areas underneath of the athletic field cover will go a long way in improving springtime outcomes. Also, facilities would do well to invest in helpful tools that make performing those fall field tasks easier. For example, supportive back belts, field cover rollers and training on how to move large tarps would certainly benefit employees.

Theyd surely feel more confident rolling athletic field covers back and forth with those aids in place. And it would undoubtedly make the job go quickly, leaving time for other fall tasks. Plus, taking a preventive approach to field cover care could reduce incidents of employee back strain as well. So, buying athletic field covers and the other items weve mentioned would unequivocally be a win-win. To learn more about caring for fields in the fall with heavy-duty covers, please contact us.