Uncover Values at Business Liquidation Sales and Store Scores in Portable Garages

Uncover Values at Business Liquidation Sales and Store Scores in Portable Garages

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jul 10th 2016

Did you know that business liquidation sales frequently feature items priced far below their retail equivalents? In some instances, the savings are more than 50% per new or used item and they may come with transferable benefits too (e.g. manufacturers warranties). So how do people know which liquidation sales offer the best value on new and used items? And what should they do with the items they score at deep discounts?
Heres how some approach each event:
Before business liquidation sales, sit down and write lists of which items youd like to purchase and what they retail for. It may also be helpful to note data on service life, parts availability, customer experiences, resale value and reconditioning potential. Information on most major and second tier brands should be easy to find.
Also, order portable garages that are both sturdy and spacious. We're sure that you'll find the easy to move storage alternatives perfect for keeping liquidation sale finds safe until they're needed for daily operation. The portable garages will generally arrive at their designated locations quickly. Plus, they are easy to put into place.
Afterward, check with your favorite liquidator for information on their current warehouse inventory and showroom models as well as upcoming auction lots. To save time, download the South Florida liquidators bidding app. Also, sign-up for their e-mail list and follow their social media pages. Oftentimes, theyll share the information youll need to compile the list through those distribution channels. Next, match your list to theirs and spend a minute calculating the savings.
Place a star or other marker next to the items perceived to be the best value and make plans to bid or purchase it. Also, remember to think about cost-effective transportation. After all, one way or another, youll need to transport the item off site and that will add to the overall costs. So weigh the expense of renting a box truck and moving the items yourself against hiring a delivery company, then make a tentative decision.
And above all, dont pay for the rental vehicle until youre sure youve won the bids or otherwise secured the desired items. To learn more about storing business liquidation finds in portable garages, please contact us.