Truck Tarps: An Essential Part of Keeping Snow Plow Businesses in the Black

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Oct 26th 2014

Are you hoping to start a side business plowing snow in the chilly months ahead? Maybe you just want to be able to clear your own driveway with ease. Either way, its something that many of our customers opt to do during the winter months. And they often make it a priority to invest in our trucktarpsbefore firing up their new plows. Heres a quick look at the typical rationale behind their decisions:

To begin with, our 6-ounce truck tarps are made from fully laminated, high-density polyethylene. Each side of the tarp is also chemically treated to ward off mildew, abrasions, UV rays, motor oil and tearing. Plus, the corners are reinforced and we utilize tough hardware too (e.g. D-rings and grommets). So our customers know that the tarps will likely hold up against the punishing effects of road salt spray, winter winds, hail, sleet, frost, rain and heavy snow. Consequently, the tarps will help keep their trucks beds, and whatever snow removal supplies they have stored in them, safe from Mother Nature.

At Canopies & Tarps, we also know that not every truck is cut out to be a snow plow vehicle. It has to have the proper front gross axle weight rating and size needed to carry a snow laden plow. That said, we make black truck tarps in all sorts of widths and lengths. Our smallest ones are designed to protect beds that are 7-feet by 9-feet and the biggest ones are 11-feet by 24-feet. The list prices for the tarps tend to start out at $36, which is very reasonable when you consider how much it costs to replace damaged truck beds and snow removal equipment. To learn more and receive assistance in choosing the right truck tarps for your upcoming snow plow adventures, pleasecontact ustoday.