Triage Tarps

Triage Tarps

Posted by CanopiesAnd Tarps on Nov 8th 2015

Emergency services use triage tarps to more efficiently help injured people during a crisis. By assessing a patients breathing, bleeding and shock, emergency personal can quickly identify the level of aid needed and divide patients accordingly. Originally developed as a system to more quickly and effectively treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield, triage is typically used in emergency rooms and urgent care centers to determine how quickly a patient needs to be treated. It is also used in mass casualty situations, such as natural disasters, shootings, or any time there are not sufficient resources to treat everyone at the same time.

Green is for patients who need the least immediate attention. They are injured and will need treatment, but their injuries are not life threatening and so they will have to wait for treatment.

Yellow is for patients who are seriously injured and in normal cases would receive quick medical attention. They are stable for the moment, but need to remain under observation in case their condition worsens and they need to be re-triaged.

Red is for patients who need immediate treatment for life-threatening injuries. It is likely they will survive if they receive the attention they need.

Black is for persons who have already deceased or their injuries are so severe or extensive they will not survive with the medical resources currently available.

Our 12×12 tarps come in the standard green, yellow, red and black. They are waterproof, UV resistant and have high abrasion resistance. Grommets are spaced every two feet and hems are double stitched. The seams are heat sealed.

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