Three Reasons to Bring Canvas Tarps on Your Next Camping Trip

Three Reasons to Bring Canvas Tarps on Your Next Camping Trip

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Jan 30th 2017

When camping in a tent, it is important to be prepared for unfavorable conditions. Using tarps is a great way to protect both you and your tent from the elements. There are three important reasons you should consider bringing a few tarps on your next campout.

1. Protect the Bottom of your Tent

Even when you are vigilant about clearing out rocks and debris before pitching your tent, the bottom of the tent will be susceptible to rips and tears once a little weight is placed on it. Laying a heavy-duty tarp on the ground before setting up the tent will provide a much-needed layer of protection. The tarp's corners can be folded in if needed to allow for stake placement. The simple step of placing a tarp on the ground will allow you to enjoy your tent for years to come.

2. Keep Water out of your Tent

Most tents are not designed to withstand substantial rainfall, which is why securing a tarp over the top of the tent is often necessary when precipitation is expected. Placing a large tarp underneath the tent and pitching the tent on a slight incline will allow the water to run off as opposed to pooling around the tent.

3. Create Wind Blocks for your Campsite

Anyone who has camped at Northern California beaches knows what a nuisance wind can be. To keep everything from blowing away in windy areas, you can easily set up vertical wind blocks using tarps and some rope.

The use of canvas tarps is the best way to preserve your valuable gear and keep you from being rained out or blasted by wind on your next camping adventure.