Tarpaulins May Help DIY Mechanics Keep Their Cramped Spaces Damage-Free

Tarpaulins May Help DIY Mechanics Keep Their Cramped Spaces Damage-Free

Posted by Canopies Tarps on Aug 2nd 2016

Do you enjoy working on your car, truck or motorcycle? Many people do but oftentimes, they lack the facilities to do their own vehicle repairs. As a result, they cram themselves into tiny garages and end up leaving behind more than their sweat. And we understand why. Making repairs to motor vehicles is messy business. Plus, there may be chemicals involved.

Many of those chemicals, including motor oil and battery acid, can seriously damage a garage floor. So one wrong move, even during simple, grease and oil changes may spell disaster. Thankfully, home and professional mechanics alike can take steps to protect the flooring in their designated work areas. One of the easiest is laying down chemical resistant tarpaulins.

Not all tarpaulins are chemical resistant and therefore, inferior ones wont do DIY mechanics any good. The ones wed recommend to gear heads are made from a special form of neoprene. Its similar to the material used to make wet suits for surfers and scuba divers. Only this particular form of neoprene can withstand more than salt water and sunshine. It can hold up against all of the potentially damaging chemicals motor vehicle mechanics can throw at it.

The smallest, ready-made size tarpaulin suitable for garage use is 06 x 08. Thus, its perfect for those guys and gals working in single car garages. In addition, the same neoprene tarpaulin could be placed underneath of a small carport or on top of a modest-size driveway. For those mechanics with double car garages or other large spaces, there are bigger ones to choose from. Among them are chemical resistant tarps in the 9 to 30-foot range.

All of the chemical resistant tarpaulins were familiar with are built to be reusable. So a quick investment now could do more than save a persons garage floor over the weekend. Heck, it could even outlast a persons motor vehicle. To learn more about equipping a mechanics garage or other space with chemical resistant tarps, please contact us today.